The process of embroidery produces outstanding results and is at the ‘sharp end’ of corporate identity. We recreate personalised artwork into a unique, raised thread, embroidered design. Typical lead time 5 – 7 working days. A premium service is available for emergency orders.

We achieve this using state-of-the-art computer-controlled ‘Barudan’ embroidery machines. Our machines are operated by highly experienced staff and we ensure that the quality of our embroidery is constantly of the highest standard. Your artwork is scanned into our computer and then recreated in stitches on screen. This is a highly skilled job and each design is meticulously created using the latest embroidery software.


We price embroidery by the stitch count. The bigger the design, the greater the number of stitches. The ideal size for an embroidered design is typically found on the left breast of a shirt, larger designs can be produced up to a maximum of 280mm x 280mm. To check whether your artwork is suitable, please email us the design to sales@stitchesofbridgnorth.co.uk